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Sealy introduces the President, a mattress that offers exceptional comfort with its ingenious “Euro Boxtop” version.


Made up of quality supporting materials as InvistaR High Loft 4-hole fiber and Multi-Zone foam that meet international standards, the mattress offers the best in cushioned comfort. Your muscles, from head to toe, will relax as the mattress hugs every curve of your body.


“Sense & Respond” system with Edge Guard provides excellent sleep conformance.


Awake filled with renewal energy freshness every morning.


PostureTech® The latest technology from Sealy Posturepedic®. Sealy’s Patented “PostureTech® Coil” is our commitment to an advanced sleep system which pushes the boundaries for ultimate good health by correctly supporting the entire body. Its “Sense and Respond Support System” of an extraordinary innerspring coil with Sensory Arm™ assures the highest level in sleeping comfort. The performance of The PostureTech® Coil is synchronized with the movements of the body and responding with increasing support and perfect body weight distribution. PostureTech® is a 5 ½ inches high. “firm-touch” coil ergonomically designed for even greater strength and durability.


  • Under initial loading, the PostureTech® Coil uses the longest developed length for a softer initial feel.


  • As more load is applied response rate to give firmer inner support without sacrificing comfort.

PostureTech® Sensory Arm™

Detects the shape, weight and moment of your body while you sleep, then adjusts itself to provide correct spinal alignment.

Triple offset Design

Revolutionary design provides superior body conformance, while preventing roll together.

Heat Tempered Steel

Titanium Inside!

All Sealy Posturepedic steel innersprings are reinforced with Titanium* content for enhanced strength and durability.


*Titanium is known to be twice as stronger than steel.

High carbon spring steel coils are heat tempered to ensure maximum durability of the entire spring unit.

Sense & Respond System


Patented PostureTech® coil Posturepedic® innerspring developed with orthopedic surgeons. 

Sense & Respond

A close look at the pulse of Sense & Respond system. The PostureTech® Spring “senses” your body weight distribution and sleep posture then “responds” with correct push back support.

Comfort Layers

Quality pressure relief layers so you can choose the comfort that’s right for you.


EdgeGuard® made of condensed bonded polyurethane foam is patented exclusively by Sealy U.S. It surrounds the springs at the edge of each side of mattress. Increasing the strength of the mattress, preventing caving or sagging when sitting on the rim, and also expanding to maximum possible sleep surface.


Every Sealy Posturepedic mattress ticking is treated with Microban®, a non-toxic and environmentally safe fabric protector that inhibits the growth of bacteria, molds and yeast, thereby also helping prevent the existence of dust mites, on the treated ticking for the life of the mattress. This assists in protecting your family from microorganisms that can cause allergies, rashes and infections and your mattress from fungal attack that can create odor and staining.

DuraFlex® Foundation

Made with Titanium alloy, steel modules disperse the shocks and stresses placed on the mattress to ensure long-lasting performance and an extended comfort life for your mattress.

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