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Why Sealy?

The first Sealy mattress was made of cotton in 1881 in 'Sealy,' a small Texan town in the USA. From such humble beginnings, Daniel Haynes would see his small manufacturing plant grow into a world reknowned brand. The exponential rise in business was mainly due to improved product innovations and new patents. Even when Daniel Hayes sold the patent fifteen years later, the phenomenal growth continued and spread outside the USA. Now Sealy has more than 31 manufacturing plants in the USA, others in Canada, Europe, Central and South America, the Far East Asia, South East Asia and the Middle East. 

To get the best out of your day, you need a good night's sleep. And only a really great bed can help you get that.

Sealy Posturepedic supports your life by providing:


  • Pressure relieving comfort for undisturbed sleep: from ultra plush to cushion firm, built with premium materials.

  • The support you need: deep-down orthopedically correct support with a superior edge support system. 

  • A system where everything works together to give you the same great comfort and support for a long time: extra durability that repays your investment day after day.


The new Sealy Posturepedic features orthopedically correct design, to give you everything you want in a bed.


Sealy: the biggest bedding brand in the world

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