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Shopping Tips

Mattress Shopping, Simplified.


Sealy is always here to help. This, for example, is meant to better your in-store experience. But first, peruse our site and find a few mattresses that interest you. Print them out. Then read this guide. Before you know it, you’ll have mastered mattress speak and know what you need to for your visit. Happy shopping.

The right bed begins with the right retailer


If you’ve had a positive experience somewhere, start there.
Make sure they offer the quality and the selection you desire.


Come prepared 


Dress comfortably so you can test many mattresses.
Bring your favorite pillow to replicate the proper sleeping position.
Know the dimensions of your current set (floor to top of mattress). Know length and width as well.
Know your room dimensions for possibly purchasing a larger set. You may decide to upgrade.


Be smart in-store


Start with a comfort / technology test on good-quality mattresses.
Determine your comfort preference first. Try a plush and firm innerspring mattress.
Next try other technologies if you are curious to experience different feels, including memory foam and latex foam mattresses. At this point, do not worry about the details of what’s in the mattress.


Know four basic comfort levels when you test


Each manufacturer may have different names, so choose by your comfort preference. Remember: Comfort is different for everyone. So try several different comforts when you’re in the store. A good mattress should provide you with the right support at every comfort level.


Ultra Plush – a very soft-feeling surface.
Plush – firmer than the ultra plush, but less firm than cushion firm.
Cushion Firm/Medium – firmer than a plush, but softer than firm.
Firm – the hardest of the comfort levels.


Found one you really like?


Ask about the product’s features and benefits.
Compare it to one of higher and lower price.
Learn the difference between like firmnesses but different prices.
Buy the best mattress you can–if it passes your comfort test.


What to ask


What’s inside the mattress that offers proper back and body support?
What’s inside the mattress that minimizes tossing and turning?
If it’s an innerspring, insist that the coils be twice-tempered. This helps the coils retain strength and prevent mattress sag.
All mattresses must meet Federal Flame Retardancy guidelines.
Purchase one that uses fabric and fiber for flame retardancy versus one treated with chemicals.


Know the types of mattresses


  • Innerspring

  • Memory Foam

  • Latex Foam


Know the difference in the coils inside an innerspring mattresses


Innersprings have many types of coils, which can cause confusion. Here’s what you need to know. Four things factor in to the support of an innerspring mattress.


  1. Shape of the coil;

  2. Thickness of the wire (The lower the number, the thicker the coil.);

  3. Quantity of coils;

  4. Tempering: Make sure the innerspring is twice-tempered to prevent sagging.


Sealy has optimized this formula of these elements to provide unique feel characteristics in our mattresses while providing you the support you need. They are featured in these Sealy Innerspring mattresses:


Patented PostureTech coil 
Responsive Support Technology (ReST)

Dual Support Individual (DSi)


While this is helpful to know when shopping, above all, lie down on the mattress and select one that feels right and feels supportive.


That’s it. Finding your mattress. It’s really that simple.


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