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Sealy's Accomplishments

Sealy is the world's largest bedding manufacturer. Because of our time-tested performance, you can be confident we will be there over the lifetime of your bedding products. As our priority Sealy customer, count on the following for even the most demanding projects:


  • Exceptional, consistent product quality

  • Knowledgeable product consultant

  • Courteous, responsive customer service

  • Advantage of international product available locally


Sealy can deliver products to over 7,000 retail outlets from 31 manufacturing plants in 20 U.S. states, 3 Canada provinces, France, Italy, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico and Puerto Rico.


Morever, Sealy has appointed worldwide licenses with manufacturing facilities in 11 countries such as Thailand, Australia, Jamaica, Dominican Republic, Japan, Saudi Arabia, New Zealand, South Africa, The Bahamas and The United Kingdom. The Sealy network also includes India and Sealy Asia which distribute products across South East and Far East Asia.





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