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Hand crafted for surface cushioning that gently conforms to body shape yet without compromising firmness. Energy latex provides the necessary resilience. Featuring Sealy’s DSi Hour Glass Posture Pocket Technology which assures no sleeping partner disturbance.

DSi (Dual Support Individual) - Hour Glass Posture Pocket Technology

This hour glass shaped individual pocket technology provides resilient and stable support with substantially reduced sleeping partner disturbance. The dynamic individually pocketed innerspring compression provides added firmness. Hour Glass Posture Pocket Technology developed with your comfort in mind.

Titanium Inside!

All Sealy Posturepedic steel innersprings are reinforced with Titanium* content for enhanced strength and durability.


*Titanium is known to be twice as stronger than steel.

Unicased XT™

Reinforced surround support that stabilizes the spring unit and provides edge to edge surface comfort.

Comfort Layers

Quality pressure relief layers so you can choose the comfort that’s right for you.

Pressure Relief Layer 3 Zone

Pressure Relief Inlay is positioned to deliver relief to the areas identified by independent Orthopedic Advisory Board as most prone to pressure points. Specialty materials are used in targeted areas to disperse pressure and eliminate pressure points that inhibit circulation.

Sealy Energy Latex

Multi-zone latex with separate zones for body support.


SmarTex™ is dynamic textile treatment that acts on the temperature of the sleep environment by dispersing heat and humidity so you can sleep cooler and more comfortably. Enhanced inhibition of growth of bacteria, molds and yeast, helping prevent the existence of dust mites, on the treated ticking for the life of the mattress. This assists in protecting your family from microorganisms that can cause allergies, rashes and infections and your mattress from fungal attack that can create odor and staining.

DuraFlex® Foundation

Made with Titanium alloy, steel modules disperse the shocks and stresses placed on the mattress to ensure long-lasting performance and an extended comfort life for your mattress.

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